Please read the following Returns policy to learn what you can return, and how to start a return (read our full Terms & Conditions here

Note: Effective beginning November 6th, 2017 - Returned items may be subject to a 20% restocking fee depending on the specific circumstances of the return.



All products offered for sale at are offered "as-is", some are defective, most are simply out of season, and others may have never made their way from conception to production... Any known defects are added to the product description. If nothing is stated as defective you can assume it is out of season or a customized product we do not currently have a listing for at

If you have any questions or concerns about a product listed, you may contact us for clarification at: view contact info

All sales at are final. No exchanges. No refunds. 

Allow 5 business days for orders placed at to be shipped - transit time varies by service and location.



New, unworn, unused items purchased directly at or an authorized reseller with proof of purchase are eligible for Return in certain circumstances. By purchasing a product from you agree that at the sole discretion of WRAREDOLL, your return request may be accepted or denied, and that if accepted, any resulting compensation may be provided via (#2 through #4) as follows
(1.) WRAREDOLL may deny your return request if we reasonably suspect (see REASONABLE RETURN DENIAL GUIDELINES) you are engaging in abuses of the Return Policy
(2.) WRAREDOLL may issue a full-refund for your returned item(s)
(3.) WRAREDOLL may repair or replace your returned item(s) such that the condition of the item(s) meets the description advertised at the time of purchase
(4.) WRAREDOLL may offer shop-credit of an equal value to the original purchase price of your return item.
By purchasing from you agree that any disagreement between you and Wraredoll regarding the specific form of compensation you are issued for a return, irrespective of the reason for the return, shall only be decided by the Arbitrator, (see our full Terms here for further information about the Arbitrator), you also agree that until the Arbitrator decides in favor of either you or Wraredoll, you shall hold Wraredoll harmless to any/all 3rd-parties involved in the transaction of your order, including by not assisting, endorsing, or otherwise authorizing a 3rd-party involved in the transaction to act on your behalf, or in your interest against Wraredoll. 


To Return an item you must notify Wraredoll within 7 days of your receipt (USPS Tracking/Delivery Confirmation) of your order. To notify us, follow these instructions:

  1. - Login in to your account (or use the form below)
  2. - Select the order you wish to return
  3. - Request a return via the button provided on the webpage
  4. - Complete the form found there, be sure to include a detailed description of the reason for your return request.
  5. - Please allow up to 5 business days to receive our response to your return request.
  6. - Pursuant to the specifics of your situation, a restocking fee equal to 20% of the purchase price of your return items may be assessed. 

Typically, we will issue an automatically generated Return Shipping Label via an email sent to the email address on file for your order. Wraredoll reserves the right to deny returns to customers suspected of abusing the returns policy. In some cases our response may be to contact you for more information about your return request, prior to accepting or denying your request.


As a general rule, no more than 1 item should be returned for every 10 items purchased (customers consistently requesting returns more often than this may be denied further requests).


Return Shipping Costs are the responsibility of the buyer, not WRAREDOLL. However, in many case we will, upon request, provide a Return Shipping label to you at no additional cost — by purchasing from you agree that WRAREDOLL shall not be held liable for Return Shipping costs, and you acknowledge that any Return Shipping costs provided by WRAREDOLL shall be done so at the Sole discretion of WRAREDOLL. In general, we provide free-to-you Return Labels wherever WRAREDOLL is at fault for an incorrect or damaged item, with the understanding that any such “fault” shall be decided solely by WRAREDOLL.