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WRAREDOLL Stockist Information & Application

Thank you for your interest in carrying Wraredoll!

As we continue to cultivate our boutique brand of children & toddler clothing we are reminded that in every magical creation there is magic in the making — and in the making of each magical Wraredoll design an ever-growing network of local, unseen seamstresses are among the many secrets we’re able to keep in plain sight, like magic. 

As we grow bigger we are also growing younger and simpler and more vibrant. We hope you will find our SS17 Collection as we do, as an expression of life. And, we hope that Wraredoll will share in the joy and play and love of each of your customers this year.

WRAREDOLL designs are by Annie Casale. WRAREDOLL products are made in or nearby Vero Beach, FL. Materials are of domestic and international origin. We work with some regional distributors for international orders, and depending on your specific situation we may forward your inquiry to a distributor (by completing the form below you accept the sharing of information you provide, including contact information, to our distributor(s) as we deem appropriate).

Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have, or for pricing.